Dubs on the Track 3 – More info to follow

It’s that time of the year when we start planning for Dubs on the Track 3.

There are some key changes for this year:

  • We will be running this show using the current Dubs on Defrost format
  • This means no awards, and Euro’s only park on the track
  • This also means the fee structure is simplified – $10 per person flat entrance fee
  • In the past, we tried to keep DOTT a separate experience from DOD, but we are changing the format to align with DOD for 2 reasons:
    1. The scale of DOTT is increasing past the point where it is no longer possible to do awards efficiently or fairly
    2. The overwhelming success of DOD8 using this format proved to be a very positive experience for everyone in attendance.
  • Lime Rock has been facing some unforseen legal issues and had to cancel all Sunday events for the rest of 2015. We have moved the show to Waterford Speedbowl on October 18th, 2015.

We will have a Facebook event posted sometime this week, with more info to follow.

For social media, use #DOTT3 and #DOTT. You can also add #dubsondefrost.

2 Responses to Dubs on the Track 3 – More info to follow

  1. Serpa says:

    We there be anything besides dott stickers sold at event,as hoodies and tshirts?

    • jdale says:

      No, we will have some stuff on the website though. We will have shirts available at DOD in the spring. I am working on issues with our store right now, check back later and it should be up and running.

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